Ode to My Threenager

Every year on my kids’ birthdays I write somewhat of an Ode to them on Facebook. I try to capture a little piece of what they are and what they love at their age. It’s so fun to look back in my memories to see the pictures of them as they’ve grown and to acknowledge all that we love them for.

I thought… wouldn’t it be nice to also share that here with you wing it moms?
So here is the ode I wrote to my girl on her 3rd birthday <3

Three years ago today our family became complete. Our hearts swelled and stretched with a joy and love we didn’t know we could add to our already joyful and loving lives. Our little Ellie is the perfect blend of sweet and sassy. She is a maker of really big messes, and a super duper helper! She thinks she is a grown up, but when we’re at the toy store sometimes says she’s still a baby. She can do everything all by herself and she is such a good mommy to her many many dolls and stuffed animal friends. She wants to be a doctor and a vet and a mommy and a superhero when she grows up (I’m convinced she can do all of these things). She also wants to be a mermaid and while I’m not sure about that exactly, I’m not ruling it out. She loves to snuggle and wants desperately to know how to read and write. While she likes to watch Mickey “rascals” (aka old school Mickey cartoons), Outdaughtered “the Busby’s”, and Bluey… She’d much rather be at library storytime, art class, or Zumbini. She looks forward to doing lots of projects at home, and going shopping with her pocketbook. She makes us a perfect party of five and she fills our lives with so much love and laughter and now she is officially a threenager.
Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Eliana Marie.