My journey to find awesome sleep headphones

Ok it’s confession time… I LOVE to watch TV or listen to a podcast while I fall asleep. I often watch kind of mindless “junk food” type TV shows and it just feels so great as a part of my nighttime routine.

I probably should be meditating, or at least turning off the screens and engaging in some sort of relaxation, but it’s just not what brings me the most joy. A good old episode of Dr.Pimple Popper, however, or a raunchy stand up comedy show on Netflix does do the trick for me.

Also, if I’m being honest, I’m pretty afraid of the dark.

This causes quite a bit of dissonance since my husband prefers the room to be dark and quiet (I mean, who can blame him). Over the past few months I’ve decided to compromise. It became a no brainer compromise once we signed up for YouTube TV and I can stream from my computer. I decided to start wearing headphones and watching on my computer propped up on my dresser.

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Finding my current favorite headphones, however was quite a journey.

The first try

First, I was wearing some pretty basic headphones… meaning the headphones I bought when I taught full time for the listening center in my classroom… you know the type… hard, plastic, something like this…

Maxell Stereo Headphone

While they served me well as far as keeping the noise to myself they weren’t quite great sleeping material.



Take 2:

Herun Earbuds/Earphones/Headphones,Premium in-Ear Wired Earphones with Remote & Mic Compatible iPhone 6s/plus/6/5s/5c/iPad/Samsung/MP3

My next upgrade was a good old pair of earbuds… until I myself started getting irritation in my ears from them. Not to mention they were wired and I was sure one of these days they were going to strangle me. I even pulled my computer onto the floor scaring the crap out of me as I slept a few times when I rolled over with the earbuds in.




… and then it happened. The ultimate tool for my compromise.

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband,Upgrage Soft Sleeping Wireless Music Sport Headbands, Long Time Play Sleeping Headsets with Built in Speakers Perfect for Workout, Running, Yoga (Gray)

These headphones are amazing! They are tucked into a headband and they are wireless. They connect to my phone and computer via bluetooth and are super comfortable. While I can hear well, my husband says he can’t hear a thing! I also can’t even feel the headphones inside the band, and they’re so comfortable, I wear it even during the day when I want to walk around and listen to a podcast. Anyway, I felt like as a busy mom I couldn’t miss a chance to share this awesome find of mine! Let me know if you try them out!