Mermaid and Pirate Party

Mamas it’s true… I officially have a threenager! This little gal loves mermaids and pirates and Spiderman and Elsa. She is such a well rounded kiddo, in part because her two bigger brothers have bestowed upon her the toys that they don’t want to play with, but aren’t quite ready to get rid of yet. Either way she loves it, so when she asked for a mermaid party but said she also wanted pirates, I was in love with the idea! Upon some browsing, brainstorming, and searching, I was able to find some mermaid things, and some pirate ideas online, but it was tricky to find both, so I thought it was worth sharing here!

While we don’t necessarily constrict our kids to gender normed themes, we also understand that the truth is lots of girls are into things like mermaids, but a mermaid party might not be AS fun for some of the boys in our lives, so this theme also balanced those interests well (although both the boys and girls seemed to enjoy all the activities!)

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Let’s start with the decorations:

I cut out some basic mermaid, shell and seashell shapes on my Cricut. I have the design space subscription which makes it a lot easier to just pull up whatever shapes or images I want with my machine quickly.

Many times I can find exactly what I’m looking for, but for this party theme, I wanted an extra special design for my girl’s shirt!

I got the file for this shirt on Etsy and uploaded it to my cricut to cut in fun glittery colors and I think it totally fits her personality!

As for additional decorations I picked up some teal and purple balloons from Walmart, and I had some white ones left from last years Frozen themed party. I also had some fishing netting like this that we attached over the window to hold the balloons. I also just attached some cut outs to it.

We also just taped some “seaweed” along the walls by using green crepe streamers. I taped it at the bottom and then twisted it and then again at the top. It was best to kind of fold the tape into a loop so it wasn’t so visible.

Cupcake display

One of the most fun parts of the decorating process was the cupcake display! I reused a cardboard stand like this one that I got last year and I attached some mermaid themed pieces. I also got this pirate cupcake stand from our local Buy Nothing group, but you can purchase it here! I got some super cute “coin” looking sprinkles at Michaels. Then I cut out mini version of the same decorations that I used for the banners just in small size for the cupcakes.

I also put some brown sugar on a round tray on the bottom of the cupcake display. I made some chocolate beach themed shapes using Wilton candy molds and I also got some chocolate coins. It was so cute to see the kids once they figured out the coins were chocolate. They kept sneaking over the table like little pirates themselves!

Mermaid and Pirate themed Food

The problem and blessing for me about party themes is that when I get going on a theme, I keep going with it!

Here are some of the dishes we served at the party (Notice the little tags hehe)

I made a pasta salad with basic garlic olive oil, feta, peppers, and olives.

Then I made some shell shaped mac and cheese and some “cannon ball” meat balls.

I was going to call the deli sandwiches Seawitch sandwich, but when i was cutting the rolls I realized how much they looked like oysters, and clam sandwiches just rolled off the tongue better so we went with that!

For the seashell sandwiches I got this cookie cutter set a while back and I love it. I fully intended to make my favorite sugar cookie recipe to make super cute mermaid cookies, but sometimes you have to just let it go , so I settled for seashell shaped jelly, nutella, and pbj sandwiches.


For activities I had the kids do some coloring books when they first got here.

Then we made some crowns using foam shapes and crayons to decorate. I also had some paper towel tubes to make periscopes, but all the kids, boys and girls, really just stuck to the crowns.

Then we made some necklaces, just for fun! I just got some pony beads and lacing string, which makes the beading process easier for the kids. I also took the time to tie the beads to the end to make the process go easier.

We also did some pirate scratch off pictures, but they went so quickly I didn’t even get a picture!

Here are two activities I prepared and purchased and we never got to!

And if you’re wondering if there was a mess when it was over… there sure was! #confessthismess

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