Learning about the Color Green

We have been busy over here learning all about different colors. We’re also trying to include counting, reading, crafting, and of course moving and dancing along with it!

Here are some of our “green” activities which were just right for my toddler!

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  1. Printable Concept book/emergent reader- At first I was wondering if the little printable booklets I had grown so accustomed to creating and using with my first graders would be useful or practical with a toddler. I was so amazed at how much my little 2 year old LOVED having the book and how much she loved reading the book to her brothers, dad, and baby dolls. It was a super big reminder to me about how important these early literacy skills are (like using picture clues) and I love how this provides an opportunity for her to practice the color again and again!

2. Matching- I created this matching page using some of my clip art and for this set I put the pictures diagonally from one another. Fine motor wise, this was too tricky for my toddler. I learned my lesson and with the next color I created a version with the matching pictures straight across from one another. I like to use my laminator also to laminate pages like this to use with dry erase markers.

3. Green Caterpillar Craft-

This was a super fun craft from my childhood. We cut out a caterpillar with 5 bumps from an egg carton and painted it green. Then we glued on the eyes and I drew a little mouth and gave it some antennae. We practiced counting the bumps on the caterpillar all week to work on 1:1 correspondence and counting.

4. Going on a GREEN hunt!

I love going on color hunts. Ellie likes to get out her pink pumpkin from Halloween time to go around and collect items that are green. Then we draw one. I always remind myself that she is 2. Her picture is unlikely to resemble what she is trying to draw, but I always ask her to tell me about it and label the picture.

5. Color word puzzle-

I love these little color word puzzles. If you have clip art you can totally make one of these yourself. You could also do this by drawing your own little green pictures and cutting the page apart.

6. Green themed books-

When it comes to reading and books, we love to visit the library. We found a bunch of books at the library that were all about colors, but this week we really loved the ones that focused just on green.



I’ve worked on creating these printables, so you can snag these in my TPT shop, or you can make some sort of version on your own!