How We Summer Vacation At Home

A couple summers ago my husband was invited to a bachelor party in a town about an hour away. I didn’t want him to drive home, but I also am one who LOVES stays in hotels, so we booked a hotel in our state, dropped him off at the bachelor party venue, and I took the kids out to a restaurant and to the hotel pool. We really made a night of it. The next morning we found a breakfast spot and drove past a movie theater, arcade, and bowling alley. That was the first time we considered how we could vacation right in our own state.

Our summers are usually filled with weekly trips to 6 flags, science centers, zoos, childrens museums, movie theaters, aquarium… pretty much everywhere you can think of.

With travel quarantines, restrictions, and social distancing measures, we’re getting even closer to home this summer with our “vacationing”. We’re also saving a bunch of money. No, it’s not exactly the same, but it feels great anyway!

Here are a few things we’ve done:

1.Pack a suitcase and vacation to the living room!

We even set up air mattresses for everyone. We pretended it was our own hotel room. That was a super fun event, In fact we loved it so much that we decided to make “sleepover Saturday” a weekly event. My three year old was the cutest. She packed all on her own and did a great job: A pair of jammies, toothbrush, teddy bear, and a bedtime story!

2. Beach Day Getaway:

We have been visiting local beaches (early in the morning before the crowds). Something about starting the day in the sand is perfect. Usually we wind down with a movie in the living room making it a pretend “movie theater.”

3. Pokemon Go Park Adventures

We have also been doing one of these every week and the kids love it. We go to local parks and they play Pokemon Go. We take breaks for hide and seek when the park is empty. They love seeing the different parks and areas our town has to offer.

4. Lazy day

Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned Lazy Day? This is the kind of day where I let the kids watch TV, movies, video games, anything really. We all wear PJs (except my husband when he has work calls) and just chill out all day. We read books…it’s just like we were at our own resort.

5.Fancy Friday

Sometimes vacation calls for fancy dinners. For this reason we’ve had a few Fancy Friday dinners. I made the kids sparkling cider and pink lemonade drinks. We all dress up in fancy clothes and sit together and have a candlelight dinner. It’s super fun.

6. Back Yard Play at Grammas

While we have been super duper cautious about gathering anywhere in public or with others, we have begun to get together with my immediate family since we’re all pretty much following the same distancing precuations. We love to head over to grammas for a picnic lunch and to play in the back yard there. The change of scenery makes it such a fun time!

7. Camp out!

We actually booked a full week camping in an RV at a local campground. I can’t wait to actually get away, but it’s as far from home as we’re going. That’s the big hoorah for our summer. We have also had evening “camp outs” in our yard where we’ve made s’mores, grilled out, sat on the deck for story time etc.

I know it’s not the typical summer, but when my kids asked “Is this going to be another bummer summer?” (the first bummer summer was when I was pregnant with my youngest and couldn’t drag my butt out of bed for 3 months). I couldn’t bear the thought of another bummer summer, so we decided to make the most of it! We’re only a couple weeks in, but we’re absolutely loving it so far! Do you have any ideas? PLEASE share below! We can all use all the ideas we can get!