Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower

My brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby! Of course, the aunties (like me!) and grandparents are so so excited to welcome the little baby boy. We had big plans for a bear themed baby shower. Little washcloths to be folded as bear favors were purchased. Menus were being planned. Games were in the works… and “Stay at home” orders happened.

It became increasingly clear that our May 3 baby shower was NOT going to be happening. When our venue canceled it sealed the deal. While we totally understand, we were super bummed. So we began the process of pivoting. How could we make this time super special for them? How could we make memories and have a place to share their baby registry so guests could shower the parents to be?

The answer was clear. The answer to ALL things right now is… let’s get virtual! So our virtual baby shower was born. There were no pinterest road maps, so I knew that I needed to share my own! I bet these ideas can help connect people for baby showers who are apart for other reasons in the future, beyond this crisis! I have designed these graphics and you are welcome to use them for your own virtual baby shower should you be in the same boat as us!

Before I get into the posts, here is how we set it up:

I created a Facebook Group, since the events are currently limited to 14 days, and I wanted the parents to be able to go back and see the things that people posted in the group in the future. In the “About” section of the group I added a little welcome message and a link to their baby registry. I then added the grandparents, and parents to be, and we started inviting people to join. I had a goal to post about once a day and to balance “Game” posts with other feedback/interaction posts.

Here’s the schedule we used for posts. I’ll add the text we used with the posts below each picture.

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Post 1: Introduction Post:

This post called upon people to introduce themselves.

Welcome! While we aren’t able to meet in person, we’d still like to say “Hello!” Introduce yourself here!
Did I mention there will be games and prizes? Just commenting on posts and connecting with everyone here will give you entries to win prizes!

Post 2: “Guess the Number” Game:

We played a guess the number of gummy bears in the jar. This worked perfectly with our bear theme. I had also planned to get little packs of gummy bears as little treats for the shower, but the picture had to do for the virtual shower! If you want to use this graphic, the answer is 337 🙂

Game Time!
We all probably look forward to the fun baby shower games, so I’m going to try to post either a game or interaction post each day, so we can laugh, have fun, and make some memories for our mom and dad to be!
So here’s our first official game (with a prize!)
Guess how many gummy bears are in the jar!

Post 3: Baby Baby! Interaction Post

This post called on people to interact with the post. It’s kind of fun, and people love the ability to win prizes. This game calls for people to post the names of songs with “Baby” in the title.

Game Time! Today’s game will have you humming some of your favorite songs!
Each song =1 entry for a prize!

Post 4: Advice for the Parents to be!

This one is a really special one. Everyone knows baby showers are full of advice and this gives the opportunity for that advice to be given online! If you’re using this idea for a real life baby shower, you could always use a little advice book or a set of advice cards that you could even leave on the tables for people to fill out throughout the shower.

Every baby shower comes with great advice for the parents to be! Share your best advice here!

Post 6: Onesie Wars!

We had planned to maybe have some sort of onesie decorating station at the baby shower, but that became impossible with the distance, so we decided to share some cute onesies virtually! I gave entry points both for posting a picture of a onesie and for “voting” by liking posts. I’ve seen some people get really fancy during in person showers with Cricut machines, an Easy Press, and iron on vinyl in order to design little templates and to print using a tablet to decorate onesies. I’ve also heard of people just preprinting some baby themed templates onto iron in and having them precut, but I would worry about the waste in this situation. In any event, if you’re in the mood for fancy and you can have an in person shower, that would be a super fun thing to do!

Game time!

It’s time for Onesie Wars! This is like our virtual version of a “Design/ Decorate your own Onesie” baby shower activity.

Here’s how to play:

Do either or both of these options:

1. Find a picture of a onesie (or more than one if you find a few you love) you think would be PERFECT for Cassy & Bryan’s baby boy and post a screenshot in this thread.

2. Look at the onesies others have posted and “LIKE” your favorites.

You will earn up to 2 prize entries for this game. One for posting at least one onesie pic, and one entry for liking at least one onesie.

Post 7: Baby Gift Bingo

We love playing gift opening bingo at our baby showers because it engages people in the gift opening and makes it fun. It also takes attention off of the mom to be if she’s a little shy. In order to make it more manageable online, I asked people to post a bingo board similar to a tic tac toe board and to write in 9 things from the registry. They could print the template I made, screenshot a part of the registry in screenshot view or just jot it on a small piece of paper! Then to call the “numbers” I started a new thread under the “no peeking” graphic and had people comment when they got Bingo. You could either run it that the first one to get a bingo wins a prize, but if you do it this way, everyone might not be live, so you could also just call about 10 items and enter each person who gets a bingo to select one for a prize.

When we have had in person showers, we’ve gotten or had printed little sets.

Game time:
This game is a little more involved, so we’ll be playing next week, but you have this weekend to get it ready if you’d like to play! It’s like Bingo but you only need 3 in a row (no free space).
Here’s how to play:
*Either screenshot, print, or use any piece of paper to make a tic tac toe grid.
*Visit the registry and pick 9 items to write on your card to complete the grid.
*Post your completed card in this thread (or a picture of your completed card).
*Next week I’ll randomly call some numbers. Anyone who gets a 3 in a row will get an entry to win the game prize!
I know it’s a little more complicated than the other games BUT it’s our best shot at playing one of our favorite shower games “gift bingo”.

Bingo Time: Here’s how this will work…

I’ll post a series of pictures. Go down the comments in the order I’ve posted them and mark your card. When you get a BINGO comment “BINGO” on that picture! Anyone who gets a Bingo will be entered to win a prize.


Post 8: Top Secret Tuesday

I’m a sucker for a good alliteration so I did this post on a Tuesday. This is a great time to reach out privately to party guests for any special sort of thing you’d like to them to do. You can have people send videos, pictures, etc to wish the couple well and compile them in any way you’d like. We decided to do a virtual book signing since we were planning to have guests sign a book/ books at the actual shower. I bought a few bear themed books foor the little guy, but decided to use Cuddle Bear as our guest book. Here’s a link to the google form I sent the party guests. Feel free to make a copy, edit and use if you’d like to do the same!

It’s TOP SECRET TUESDAY! Please keep an eye on your private messages for a special secret message from me .

Post 9: Let’s Laugh!

This is a fun one because everyone likes a good meme or gif.

Let’s laugh! Share a meme or gif that relates to parenting!

Post 10: Diaper Raffle

One super helpful thing for parents to be in our family is that we usually do a diaper raffle. That means that each person brings a pack of diapers or wipes and then gets a raffle ticket for a prize. Because my brother and sister in law set up their registry on Amazon, they had a diaper fund, so we used contributing ANY amount to that as an entry.

The idea of a diaper fund is also great because regardless of whether the parents decide on Pampers, Huggies, or Luvs (or some other brand) they can order the size and brand they need when they need it!

Diaper Raffle Day!
One of our favorite things to do at baby showers is hold a diaper raffle! Anyone who brings a pack of diapers gets a ticket for an awesome prize.
Since we can’t do it that way, Amazon has solved the problem for us! They have a diaper fund listed right on the top of the registry, so we’ll do it virtually!
You can contribute ANY amount to the diaper fund, then post an emoji here to be entered for the prize!

Post 11: Pack That Bag

As the time draws closer to delivery, I remember packing and unpacking my “hospital bag” thinking I was sure I forgot some things. I had an emergency C section so my poor mom was out looking for some giant granny panties after I delivered. With my second kiddo I had a list of things that were maybe not as obvious that I was glad I had written down the things that I really wanted…. and I brought my own granny panties.

My sister in law picked out a really cute diaper bag backpack , so we wanted to share the things she might want to pack inside.

Pack that Bag!
List things you think the parents should pack for the hospital, or in their diaper bag!

Post 12: “Favor” Tutorial!

We had planned to give little washcloths folded like teddy bears. I ordered some basic washcloths and was ready to roll. I thought it would be fun to post a video about how to use a washcloth to make a teddy bear, so I also added the video to the facebook group.

Gift Opening:

There are a few options for gift opening, especially with today’s technology. If you want, you could set a date after most gifts have been delivered and have the parents to be either go live on Facebook, or send a link to a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting for people to tune in. Some people are super uncomfortable being on video, so we decided that after my posts are done, my brother and sister in law will post pictures of the gifts as a sort of photo opening with thank you messages.

While I am all done having children (3 is just right for our family), I always love seeing the sweet little baby things.