Favorite Homemade Playdough recipe

We absolutely LOVE making playdough around here! We worked together to perfect a wonderful recipe that last and lasts for us.

I like that it’s not too oily and it’s not too sticky. We add all sorts of things to our playdough to snazz it up. Here’s our basic recipe.

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1 Cup flour

1/2 Cup Salt

1 1/2 Tablespoons Cream Of Tartar

1 1/2 Tablespoons Veggie oil

1 Cup water

Put it all in a saucepan, let the pan heat up and then stir. Keep on stirring and trust the process! It will form a nice ball of dough.  You can add your food coloring at the beginning as well, as long as things like cinnamon. If I am adding glitter I always wait until it’s cooled down quite a bit and then I knead the glitter in.


This recipe lasts months… although we make different versions so often it doesn’t need to. I usually just store it in a Ziploc Gallon Storage Bags.


We’ve been on the hunt for a great no- cook recipe, so if you have one handy, please pass it along!