Favorite Clean Up Strategy

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag, it’s no longer a secret, it’s no longer something I’m trying to hide, it’s  a full on admission… my house is a mess. No matter how many hours I spend cleaning, it’s always a big fat mess! One thing I’ve struggled with having my kiddos help out in a way that actually helps… rather than just slows the whole process down! As my 10 year old grows, he is definitely more helpful in this department, but it doesn’t mean he’s always excited to do it!

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Before employing this strategy I would often ask my kids to clean up the playroom which seemed like an insurmountable task to them, so I’d find myself delegating different tasks the whole time, getting frustrated by their distraction, and ultimately yelling, grounding them, and cleaning it myself.

Enter Sticky Notes— Have I mentioned how much I (and all kids I know) love them? I use them for meal planning, scheduling my work week, lesson planning, and especially for clean up time for my kids!

We call it “Sticky Note Clean Up” And they actually ask me to set them up with it now… unprompted!

The prep for it involves taking a quick glance at the room, writing a category of mess on each sticky note, and then sticking it to the wall.

Sometimes I use a different sticky note color for each child, and other times I just stick them all up there. Either way, this helps to keep them guided as they clean, feel like they are accomplishing completing the task, and keeps them out of my hair.

Here’s a sample of my clean up wall!

Now here’s a little extra tip! 10 item (or 5 item, or 20 item depending on the scale of the mess) clean up is one of my favorites. It involves picking any 10 items from the floor and putting them where they belong. It’s a great way to cover all the random stuff under there!

So break out those sticky notes, list out the chores, and put those kiddos to work! Use different colors, shapes and sizes to keep them interested time after time!

Share your “Sticky Note Clean Up” walls on my facebook page… Bonus points for before/after pictures!