Decorating Easter Eggs with Vinyl

Every year we buy the good old $1.50 kit of classic Easter egg dye tablets. I usually hard boil about a dozen eggs and then the kids are practically arm wrestling over who gets to dye which eggs.

This year their spring break is this week (the week prior to Easter), so we decided to try some different techniques and really make a pretty big project out of it.

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I boiled 38 eggs and we got our usual classic egg dye but also got a new marbling kit. Turns out you pay extra for the direction to just add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to your regular egg dye in order to make them marbled. The kids still loved it though.

The major home run of this year was my new Cricut machine! I thought… “Hmm… we could make stickers for our eggs! and then after watching some videos over the week about techniques for making signs, I saw the PVPP method for sign making and wondered if the same technique would work for eggs.

What we did was printed our names and a few basic shapes out on Cricut removable vinyl. I made sure that the designs were about 1-1 1/2 inch at most because eggs are small and we didn’t want to deal with too much curve, but you could definitely measure your eggs to do more intricate designs if you wanted. We took our boiled eggs and stuck the vinyl on using the transfer tape to the egg, just like you would do with any project.

Then we put our eggs into the dye. We did both the marbling and the regular old dyeing method with the vinyl on. It seemed that the regular old method seemed to show the blank space from our vinyl shape when we removed it, probably because you can leave the eggs in the regular dye for longer, so the contrast is a little stronger with the regular dye.

One thing we did notice is that some of the larger pieces of vinyl didn’t lay flat on the rounded surface of the egg, so there was definitely more color bleeding with those.

At the very end of the time, we were working on our last egg and one of the boys asked if we could color an egg, then put vinyl on, and then add another color. We tried this and it was super cute! I wish now that we had done this method for all of our name eggs too. We did notice that the eggs need to be super dry in order to stick the vinyl, so if you do this method, make sure to give your egg plenty of time to dry in between!

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