Completely Frozen Winter Themed Birthday Party

Our little toddler turned two this past week and she just had to have an “Elsie” party (of course that’s just her insanely cute way of saying “Elsa”).  Frozen has been a favorite of hers for a long time, so it made sense to run with the winter wonderland theme if we could!

I am not usually a huge fan of commercial character birthday themes. I’ve most enjoyed themes like The Very Hungry Caterpillar (ok that’s a little commercial), Valentine’s Day Brunch, scientist, magic, and carnival themed parties.  So… when it came time to plan for this party I knew that we wouldn’t be purchasing the plastic tablecloths adorned with Elsa and Anna, although she would have probably loved them!  This time, also as a part of our mission to be a little more environmentally friendly, we purchased cloth tablecloths for the food tables that we can just wash and reuse party after party.

The other super special thing was that my awesome friend Tara from Mystic Roots Signs made Ellie this super cute snow themed shirt! It was themed but still classy and we absolutely loved the play on the TWO with the snowflake!

When you plan a party, there are a few different things to think about:


This was one of our biggest challenges. Once I pick a theme I struggle and mull over ways to connect it back to our theme somehow. After much searching and chatting with friends… tossing ideas around… here are the snacks, main dishes, and desserts we came up with!

We had frozen themed snacks from a snowy day dip, to cold cut sandwiches!

I put the snacks out in the main living room, and we put all the lunch foods in the dining room.


Snowman/ Olaf noses- Cheese puffs

Snowballs-  Smartfood Cheddar Popcorn

Snow Day Chips and Dip-

Sven Snacks

Olaf Arms

Lunch Items:

*Cold Cut Sandwiches


*Snow Day Pasta Salad

*Ice Berg Salad

*Snow Covered Salad

*Snowman Sandwiches


We stuck with blue and white snowflake theme. I got a sheet of blue glitter tulle to lay on top of the white tablecloth on the cake/dessert table to make it extra fancy!

We also got  balloon sticks because the party store near us was having some sort of helium issue. I just put the balloon sticks in glasses from the dollar store with those little gems inside (which we’ve even used during our penguin and polar bear learning weeks).  I like this idea because a little baggie of balloons is cheap and we put these away to reuse for future parties!

At the last minute I got this white Wilton cupcake stand. I got some glitter cardstock and cut one inch strips of paper and attached it around the cupcake holder. After Christmas I got some of these little clear snowflakes at the dollar store for 1/2 off. I just hot glued one on the front. I used leftover materials for the utensil holder for the food table as well.

We also got some cute little hangy snowflake twirly things for the ceiling which made her very happy. We put those in the living room and kitchen area where the activities were.

One of my favorite parts of the decoration process was the tags that were really a part of labeling the food.