Bust the Boredom During Social Distancing

Right now, times are strange. I’m writing this during the COVID-19 outbreak and people are being asked to social distance, which means schools are closed, probably long term. Here we are in mid March hearing rumors that kids will be home for the remainder of the school year, which is a super long-term school closure. We are already feeling stir crazy on day 5, but we’re staying home to help “flatten the curve”. We are trying to keep our kids busy and happy, so I decided it was a good time to share a strategy we started using last summer!

Over last summer, I was anticipating a huge wave of “boredom” when my kiddos were home from school. For our family, limiting video game time is the recipe for success. My kids are GROUCHES when they get what we call “computer brain”, which is that weird state of mind they get in when they crave video game time and seem annoyed by all else.

I decided to create this fun “Roll for Fun” format for choosing free time activities. Basically they can use 6 sided dice to roll and then choose an activity from that number category. It was a huge hit. The kids still ask on the weekends if they can “roll”.

You’re probably home with your kiddos too, so I’ve prepared these resources for you here, so you can use them with your kiddos. I have included three different versions you can just print if you’d like. I also have included digital files so you can type in your own activities. I hope you find this free resource useful.

Download it Here: