Are You a Wing It Mom?

You may be wondering what what this blog is all about…  and what in the world a wing it mom is… You may even be asking “Am I a wing it mom?” Chances are the answer is yes.

I’ll try to provide you some answers while I sit in the glow of my laptop screen sitting on the toy cluttered floor of my 18 month old’s room as she is finally dozing off… which is a form of paying my dues for stinking at sleep training.

Life as moms means winging it… going with the flow… and feeling like you never quite have it all together!

No fancy quizzes, no points to tally…. You are a wing it mom if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation similar to any of these:

*Juggling three kids, you carry in three bags of groceries – and don’t notice the bag of ice pops and lunch meat is still in your trunk hidden behind the stroller.

*You let your kids play in the fountain at an amusement park in their regular clothes. They’ll dry *shrug*

*You sometimes sit in your recliner chair like a queen and admire the amount of devastation your children can invoke upon your kingdom in 10 short minutes.

*Your neighbor shows up unannounced and says something like “So this is what a house looks like when you have three kids.”

*You open a package of crackers in the middle of the grocery store to keep your kids quiet.

*You sometimes just put all the art supplies on the table and banish your children to the dining room “until they’ve made something awesome” because you just need a break.

*You get all the way to the store and realize you haven’t brushed your teeth… or hair.

*On a trip to the dinosaur park  you realize you forgot the sippy cup… so you are the weird person asking for an empty cup and lid.

*You are reading You are a Badass to your 18 month old as her bedtime story as she falls asleep because it’s the only reading time you get.

I may find myself adding to this list from time to time… but you get the gist!  If any of these scenarios sound like you, or things you’ve experiences I’m proud to anoint you a wing it mom!

I hope you’ll enjoy coming along this wing it mom journey with me! Itl’l be filled with stories, fun, ideas, learning ideas (especially for little ones) and of course wing it mom real moments! I promise to be real with you through the fun pinteresty posts that might find their way on here!

To help get us started… share why you think you might be a wing it mom below!