Activities to Practice the Color Purple Pre K & Toddlers

After exploring all about green last week, we just had to move onto purple! It was most important because our little “Greenie” the caterpillar found some beautiful flowers cut fresh from out yard and he loved them. Of course since the flowers were purple, we dove right into the fun of purple!

I created similar resources to our green week, but we also did some other fun activities.

Purple Printables-

I won’t list these all out like I did last time, but we had a printable mini book, matching page, and color word puzzle. These were all super fun ways to practice and little ones love consistency.

Purple Lavender Essential Oil Play dough

We created my favorite homemade playdough recipe with purple and lavender scent. Perfect sensory playdough! I wrote more about this here.

Purple Butterfly-

This was our fun crafting of the week. On top of the usual coloring and using the playdough, this week we colored a coffee filter purple and then sprayed water on it. We watched the color bleed and then waited for it to dry. A purple butterfly was the perfect follow up to our green caterpillar!

Shaving Cream Scavenger Hunt-

This week we used our word color puzzle to find fun purple pictures. I just taped the laminated picture to a cookie sheet and sprayed some shaving cream. We tried to clear the way and find some of the purple pictures below. My little one isn’t quite a fan of shaving cream on her hands (but we’re working on it), so we did use a paintbrush.

Here’s a link to the shaving cream scavenger hunt in action!

Purple Collage-

This is a super fun thing you can do with any color, theme, or really anytime. I pulled out all the purple things in our little craft bin. Pipe cleaners, foam stickers, pom poms, gems etc. I gave her one of these little glue pens and a glue stick and she went right to it.