Hi There!

I’m Jenn!

I am the mom of three amazing kiddos: Rj (12), Carter (8), Ellie (almost 3). I’m sure you’ll get to know them well if you follow me through this wing it mom journey! My husband Russ is an awesome guy… he’s the computer literate one and the only reason I was able to launch a blog in the first place!

I am a teacher by training and I’ve always loved working with kids! The day after my 16th birthday I started working at a daycare center, when I graduated I started teaching preschool there while going to college, and eventually I settled down as an Elementary teacher… Then baby number 3 came, life became a little more demanding and we decided that it was a good time for me to take a little leave of absence from the “official” working world to work on my family and sharing these mom tidbits with you along the way.  You’ll see the teacher in me peek through pretty regularly as I start to work with my little one on some basic skills, which I’ll share with you here!

I decided to create this blog because I felt so much pressure as a mom. I thought I was always doing something wrong. I mean, how did everyone else keep their kids hair combed, lunches packed, and have the kitchen counters wiped? After many heart to heart talks with other mamas, I realized that we’re all juggling the same sorts of things, and we’re all spending some time winging it! I now embrace my wing it moments, rather than feel guilt in them because they provide some of our best family memories and I’m hoping this attitude is helping my own children see that it’s ok to go with the flow!

I hope you’ll approach this blog, the stories other moms share, and life in general through judgement free eyes!